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Amazing Avatar Scenes [4/?]

This scene brings out both the actor and the director in, just because it is so well done.

Let’s put this into context.

Korra has just recently found out that she is part spirit and after holding off Unalaq for as long as she could Unalaq has released Vaatu and fused with him creating a DARK avatar, a being as strong and powerful as Korra, except as a force of evil.

That brand new dark avatar has beaten Korra down and literally ripped Korra and Raava apart. Now, Unalaq is beating the poor helpless spirit and destroying every connection Korra has with her past lives. Every single strike Unalaq takes at Raava, Korra feels one of her past lives die.

We all watched and loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, so we grew to love the past avatars and of course AANG. So, seeing each one of their spiritual forms being destroyed was so incredibly terrifying and heartbreaking.

Unalaq is killing the very thing that makes her who she is.

Despite the fact that Unalaq is actually killing parts of Korra, one-by one, she still tries to fight, even though each blow is so painful that she keels over and feels herself being wrenched apart.

It is such a dark scene, but it is so important.

All of that is not even taking into consideration the amazing animation and directing of the scene, the beautiful display of colors we see with Harmonic Convergence in the background. And of course, Janet Varney’s kick-ass voice-acted yelps of pain as Raava is struck. But most of all, the score. The music is so beautifully done in this scene and it really compliments the scene so well.

I know as a member of the fandom that this scene was really hard to watch, but I just think that it needs to be given the credit it deserves. This scene was incredible.

(Source: cloudbending)

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